Your Testimonials

“…I felt like I was eavesdropping on some extremely personal and private conversations (in How It Happens), and I thank you for allowing that familiarity…Thank you for your candor, for opening my eyes, and for choosing young readers as your principal audience. They need to have this information to move us all forward.”

m’Arch McCarty, Artistic Director, Children’s Theatre of Michigan

“You did a fantastic job. The kids really enjoyed it and took a lot away from the experience. Later in the day we were discussing types of conflicts in literature and the students brought up the excerpt you shared with them (from The Colored Car) and identified the types of conflicts they heard in that short part. They were really engaged during their time with you. Thank you again for the experience.”

-Emily Wendlandt, Teacher, Roseville, Minnesota

“We want to thank you again for your time and great presentation for WRAD (World Read Aloud Day via Skype) today! The children really enjoyed it. They told me they learned about you as a person and as a writer, and found much inspiration in what you had to say.”

-Maureen Morrissey, Hutchinson Elementary School, Pelham, New York

“We really appreciated all the insights that you shared regarding the development of this story as well as your family history. We look forward to reading your next book.”

-Alicia Bell, Librarian, Creecy Book Club, Southfield Public Library, Southfield, Michigan

“I know a small handful of the students acted as though they were disinterested, but the conversations over the next week proved otherwise. All of them (high school seniors) were very touched by your presentation and used a lot of what you said as they worked to write their own personal histories.”

-Sonya M. Pouncy, CEM, LEED-AP, CDSM, InsideOut Literary Arts Project, Detroit, Michigan

“The way Ms. Elster ties in struggles, events and people in history with modern-day problems (in the “Joe Joe in the City” series) is a wonderful way for the children to learn about important people in the past and apply what they’ve learned to their own lives. I’m not sure that I’ve seen many books that have done that for children—particularly for African-American children.”

-Mahrini Woods, Fourth Grade Teacher, Bloomfield Hills Schools (Michigan)

“Thanks again for the great stories and characters in the “Joe Joe in the City” series. They are now a staple in every class I teach.”

-Nichelle Boyd-Robinson, Ph.D., Director of Teacher Education & Clinical Practice, The University of Memphis

“…Elster blends personal, local, and national histories into a well-told narrative for readers of all ages. In addition to being a “great read,” (Who’s Jim Hines?) is an excellent resource for teaching about the city of Detroit during the 1930s.”

-Kristy A. Brugar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Social Studies Education, Huddleston Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma